What we all know:

Tons of structural waterproofing fails every year!

because of:
- Lack of Qualifications,
- Product thinking,
- and endless Repetitions

Together, we can change that

Our Declaration Of Purpose


The purpose of the platform (WPP) is to be the center of a worldwide product-independent experience-sharing community.

WPP is helping presently active construction business companies to minimize the environmental footprint (Overkill) and to reduce their risk of expensive and stressful failure (Underkill) while working with below-grade waterproofing projects.

During this work, the user will gain new knowledge and experience (Qualification).


The Waterproofing ACADEMY platform is being built continuously, based on: real-life situations, inventions, and needs, to reflect the world as it is , not serving any other interests than those of the structure.

The final aim is to facilitate the process of bringing the charge of structural waterproofing back where it belongs - back to the drawing board and back to the jobsite management.

The main content categories of the platform are:

  • knowledge & experiences
  • training, cases, and inspirations
  • solutions & details
  • method- & process management tools
  • background- & product data
  • news & ideas (Waterproofing blog)


SHARING IS CARING if you share your experiences with others and they share with you - then breaking the endless line of repetitions will be a relatively easy task.

That's why we work to gather the 250 leading and relevant construction companies, globally, in the membership forum we call WATERPROOFING STARTER (called so because it is grounded in the same principles as a "heart-starter")

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Should your company join the movement ?

Let's take charge

"- for many years, it has been known that the overall quality of structural waterproofing needs improvement.
But structural waterproofing is a small niche and very often based on local customs more than common sense.

New technology has made it possible to reach more people simultaneously - and now the timing is right - now we can improve things, together, if we want to.

So it's a great pleasure to introduce you to this new and more logical way of working with "structural waterproofing" - all the way from the drawing board to the job site and always based 100% on the interests of the structure"

Almost ALL failed waterproofing are repetitions !

An error made in Sidney today, will be repeated in New York tomorrow
- unless it is turned into an "Experience" for others to learn from.
And THAT is the idea behind this platform.

John Juhl, founder & Waterproofing Pilot
Years of multi level Structural Waterproofing experience
Waterproofing projects touched
Countries represented in our portfolio giving us a global perspective.
Getting an independent perspective on small topics in due time can save you a lot of time, money, and trouble.

Our burned fingers: Your benefit !

Through the years our waterproofing mindset have been shaped and formed by both successes and failures.


Learning through doing


Challenge core assumptions


Focus and determination


Excellence is not an act, but a habit


LESS OVERKILL- because overkill = waste
LESS UNDERKILL- because underkill = stress
ENABLING PEOPLE- because it's key


Let’s make the connection

Only few changes happens over night.
It's almost always small steps that makes the journey - so take the first step, and reach out, and let's have a free discovery talk.