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Privacy & Cookies policy

KAXIG ApS (K) is owner of several concepts amongst which "" is one.

This privacy policy is about how KAXIG ApS (K) collects and processes personal information in connection with our performance of tasks.

We process the information you provide to us or that we collect in accordance with applicable rules. We are aware that your information must be treated with respect for the confidentiality of the information and for your privacy.


About processing your information

K is data responsible for the information we receive from you or about you in connection with a case or inquiry.

Personal information is any kind of information about an identified or identifiable natural person. That is all kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a person. It can e.g. be first and last name, a home address, phone number, email address, or any kind of personal social security number.

K processes the personal information that you provide to us or that we receive from other authorities, companies, or citizens. K can also obtain information about you from other authorities, companies, or citizens when it is necessary for the performance of the tasks assigned to us.

Our basis for processing personal data

According to the Data Protection Regulation, the basis for processing ordinary personal data is Article 6 (1). Our newsletters are sent on the basis of consent, cf. Article 6 (1) (c) and / or e. Our basis for processing sensitive information is primarily in accordance with Article 9 (1). 2, letter f or j.

K also has a cookie policy that tells how we process cookies on our websites. You can read more later in this article.

Who has access to your information?

K's employees have access to your personal information to the extent necessary for the processing of your case or your inquiry or our tasks. Your personal information is stored securely and confidentially.

Information about you is stored for as long as we deem it necessary to be able to fulfill our obligations and to be able to comply with applicable legislation, including the Archives Act.

We only pass on information when it is necessary for our ordinary task management. This is often the case, for example, when carrying out consulting tasks.

What rights do you have?

The Data Protection Regulation gives you a number of rights, eg the right to receive information about our processing of your personal data (duty to provide information), the right to access, and the right to rectify. They are set out in particular in Articles 13-18 and 20-22. K must provide you with a number of informations if we process information about you. This applies both when we receive information from you, and possibly also when we receive information from others than yourself.

You can request insight into the information that K processes about you. This means that you have the right to see the personal information we hold about you and that you have the right to receive information about how and why we process information about you.

You have the right to have incorrect information about you corrected as soon as possible, and you have the right to have additional information added if the information is incomplete.

You can read more about your rights at the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Opportunities for appeal

You can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about K's processing of your information if you believe that the processing is in breach of the Data Protection Regulation.

Social media services

Our websites may contain social media features such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube videos, which have their own privacy policies.

We encourage you to read their terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully before submitting personal information.

Cookies policy

At K, we use cookies to improve the user experience.

A cookie is a data file that is temporarily stored on your hard drive. Cookies are used by virtually all websites, and in some cases, cookies are the only way to make a website work as intended.

A cookie contains a random, generated ID that allows you to recognise your computer and gather information about which pages and functions are visited with your browser. But cookies cannot see who you are, what your name is, or where you live. It also cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious programs. 

For example, a cookie can be used to remember the text size of the website if you choose to change it. Then the text is the same size the next time you visit us. In the same way, we set a cookie if you choose to rate our pages using various tools on the page. That way, we can make sure that the pages can only be rated once per user.


Cookies for statistics

In addition, K uses Google Analytics to collect statistics about user behaviour on the website. We use the information to understand what our users demand and how we can best present the relevant information to our users.

Google stores information about the website traffic on their own servers, but we anonymise the IP addresses by hiding the last eight digits. Therefore, it is not possible to identify the individual user through the data that Google collects. You can read more about how Google processes its data here.


Reject or delete cookies

You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you are using. However, you should be aware that if you do, reject cookies, there are many features and services you can not use because they require the site to remember the choices you make.

All browsers allow you to delete cookies individually or all at once. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. Remember that if you use several browsers, you must delete cookies in all of them.


Our contact information:

Roeglevej 13A
3450 Alleroed
Phone number: +45 24 46 41 42 User terms

General Terms of Use

Access to and use of this website must be in accordance with the conditions below. Do not use the Website unless you accept these terms. The website is prepared and administered by KAXIG ApS, DK-35845208 (hereinafter referred to as K). We reserve the right to remove or change parts of or the entire website, the general terms of use, our general terms and conditions, and our terms of sale and delivery. We also reserve the right to make such changes at our sole discretion and without prior notice. We, therefore, recommend that you always read the terms and conditions and take note of any changes or additions when you visit the website.


About the use and purpose of the content

The website serves as a platform for knowledge, tools, and experience regarding waterproofing and protection of structures and buildings, with the aim of contributing to a reduction in the amount of waterproofing-related damage to buildings.

The overall purpose of K is to provide input, knowledge, and experience that users can incorporate into their own features and services as needed.

The content must at all times primarily be in the interest of the building or structure. The typical users of the platform will be students in various construction engineering educations, project architects and engineers, job site managers, contractors, employees in building maintenance, and others who may be interested in objective information about the protection and waterproofing of buildings.

Conditions for use of content

All information, documents, and illustrations published on this website belong to K. It is permitted to use the content of the website provided that all copies are marked with copyright, that the information is used exclusively for personal use, that the information is not used for commercial purposes (for memberships, however, special rights apply), that the information is not changed and/or taken out of context and that the illustrations are used exclusively with the accompanying text.

Your E-mail information

By giving your E-mail information to K you agree to receive information relevant to waterproofing. K will never hand over your information to any third-party company, organisation, or individual. 

About content on

All content on the website must strive to be impartial and generic, and must always be based on the interests of the building/construction before anything else. The content must not be promoting products or companies, either explicitly or covertly.

Requirements for content contributors

Content contributors must follow the above, and it must always be stated to K what connections the contributor has to stakeholders in the industry if any.


User's responsibility/behaviour on the website

As a general rule, everyone can move freely on the website.
Parts of the website though are reserved for members who must be logged in.
Do not abuse this site by intentionally introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, or any other material that is malicious or technologically harmful to the site.
You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this site, the server that hosts the site, or any server, computer, or database linked to this site. Do not attack this site through a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack.

By violating this provision, you are committing a criminal act. We will report any such violation to the relevant authorities and we will cooperate with these authorities by disclosing your identity to them. In the event of such infringement, your right to use this site will lapse immediately.

We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, virus, or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data, or other protected material as a result of the use of this website or of your download of the material posted on it or any other site linked to it.


Limited liability

K has prepared the detailed information of this website to the best of its ability and with the utmost care on the basis of internal and external sources.
We strive to expand and update the information on an ongoing basis.
The purpose of the information on the website is solely to inspire and to make various tools available to users, who, however, always use both tools and information at their own risk.
We make no express or implied warranties that the information is complete or correct, or that the information will be appropriate as a solution to the user's current construction case or the like.
We draw particular attention to the fact that certain information may be out of date. We, therefore, recommend that you check the website's information before using it.
It is your responsibility to check whether the advice we provide on the website and in the consulting services provided is current and in accordance with your current circumstances and that you ensure that our information and tools are appropriate for specific processes and purposes.
You are welcome to contact us directly if you would like further advice or instructions regarding our products and services.
Users of this website accept that they use the website and its content at their own risk. Neither K nor any third party involved in the design, production, or administration of this website may be held liable for damages caused by access to or lack of access to the website, the use of the website, and damages arising in connection with the use of information on this website.


About the use of content and platform


Trademarks and copyrights

All K trademarks on this website belong to K unless otherwise stated, or it is otherwise clearly stated that a right or trademark belongs to a third party. Any unauthorised use of these trademarks or other materials is expressly prohibited and is an infringement of copyright, trademark law, or other intellectual property rights.

Behaviour when logging in to the website

For some of the content, there is limited access for users who are registered with us.

Please note that you, as a logged-in member, are obliged to protect your access right from unauthorised third-party use and that you must ensure that it cannot be used by others without your permission.

You must notify K immediately if you experience that there has been a breach of security in relation to material on the K website, or if unauthorised persons are aware of your access rights, or if you have found evidence that such access may be an option.

We have the right to deactivate any user identification code or password at any time, whether selected by and/or assigned by us, if we believe that you have violated one or more provisions of these Terms of Use.


About memberships


Information provided by yourself

The user of this website has full responsibility for the information he or she provides to K, as well as for this information not infringing the rights of third parties. The user gives K its consent to store and use collected information for statistical analysis purposes or for another business-specific purpose in accordance with Danish legislation, including the Personal Data Act and the rules of marketing law. K is entitled to use the content of messages from users - including proposals, inventions, drawings, techniques, and expert knowledge - for all purposes such as development, production, and/or marketing of products or services and to transfer such information and without limitation do these available to third parties.


Terms of membership and consulting services

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into with K:

By "Member", "Company", "Client" or "Customer" is meant the company that enters into the agreement with K.

By "UserAdmin" is meant the person at Member Company who manages the agreement and Users

By "Users / User" is meant any person who is authorised by the customer to work with the customer's solutions, and as a result, has been made a User on the platform.

The Client is always responsible for providing K with the latests active drawings and/or specifications etc. relevant to the project.

All memberships on K are subject to these general user conditions, as well as to the special conditions that apply to the current membership.

K cannot be held responsible for the final outcome of support, inspiration, and suggested waterproofing solutions.

Services received from K in connection with memberships and other support may not be resold to third parties, just as the content may not be used as a basis for the sale of courses, webinars, nor any other teaching.

It is the responsibility of the Member Company or the user to ensure that the content posted on the Company's page on, or provided in the form of reports or otherwise, is in accordance with what has been agreed and is in line with real-world conditions, drawings, descriptions and the like.



Project AGREEMENTS provides access to all content with this particulat status. Any special links to the specific member's project are distributed to other project members at their own risk.



The membership gives users access to log in to the contracting company's WRP page via the assigned unique link and use the services that are freely available.

K does not assume responsibility for the outcome of the users' use of the content.

Unless otherwise agreed, a company can have a maximum of 20 users on an agreement.

Free services included in the membership can be changed, expanded, or limited by K at any time.

It is the company's responsibility that users have legitimate access to the company's site and subscriptions. The company must, therefore, in its own interest, notify K of changes in the user group upon resignations and resignations. This applies to all services at K.

If the company wants changes to their site, they must either upgrade to WATERPROOFING RESOURCE PLATFORM+(WRP+)


WRP+ is a paid extension of the free WRP.

WRP+ comes in two versions:
A - all the features + free Hot-Line up to 25 session hours per year
B - all the features + free Hot-Line up to 10 session hours per year
A session is the web session time + the time that reporting etc. might require.
If the number of sessions exceeds the yearly limit the deal is automatically renewed.
At the time of expiration, the WRP+ contract is automatically renewed.
All sessions are reported to the company's member admin.


Membership is an extension of the WRP and WP BACKEND services, with subsequent terms added.

Membership is conditional on the company holding an active "WaterProofing HOT-LINE" voucher.

When the last clip on the voucher is used, the company will receive a comprehensive report, plus a notification that the voucher will automatically be renewed after 8 days, unless K has received a written (E-mail) cancellation.

If consumption of clips in a session extends beyond available capacity on the current voucher, renewal takes place automatically.

A session is at least 15 minutes long and corresponds to a clip in the "WaterProofing HOT-LINE" voucher, and it is agreed upon ad-hoc if several clips are used in the current session.

After each HOT-LINE session, the user receives a report, according to the agreed scope, which is posted in the reporting section on the company's page.

A booked session can be canceled free of charge up to 2 hours before the event. Absence or cancellation within 2 hours before the scheduled event entails full payment of a clip in the "WaterProofing HOT-LINE" voucher.

Access to the company's "WaterProofing HOT-LINE" platform may not be shared with 3rd parties.


    1 assessment per project. Includes a short report outlining spotted opportunities and threats and giving recommendations on possible improvements or actions.
    20 minutes phone calls or web sessions. Includes report, on paper or in video
    WP send out raining and inspirations to the members for free.
    When something of interest to many has been learned on a project, we make an anonymised case of it - to benefit others in the future.
    WP collects all leraning and information that are touched during the daily routines inside a Waterproofing library. Members have free access to this library
    WP offers discount on other paid services provided, such as "Waterproofing Solution Designs", "Waterproofing Pilot", "Waterproofing Forensics", "Waterproofing 1:1 Manual" and Waterproofing Training"

BACKEND members are not allowed to sell obtained information to any third party.

CONSULTANT SERVICES outside memberships




are all part of the service:


The “WaterproofingPilot” services is to be compared to a naval pilot. The service is an extension of the qualifications onboard the project, working entirely in the interests of the structure. But all decisions and all liabilities lies with the project owner and or management.

No matter what consultantcy service provided, the customer is always responsible for keeping K up to date with new revisions and versions of any project materials such as specifications and drawings. K does not accept automated distribution of all project material. The reason for this is only a fraction of the normally distributed materials are related to the waterproofing. K does not have the ressources to trawl all project info for waterproofing relevans.

The WP-PILOT service-sessions must not be sold to third parties. 


... Content is on its way ...



... Content is on its way ...



... Content is on its way ...


UPDATES for users

As a member of K services, the user agrees to receive E-mail with updates and news. However, these emails may as a maximum be sent twice a month.



If there has been no activity on a membership platform, a project page, or the like for a period of at least 180 days K reserves the right to remove the content from the platform.

It is the responsibility of the company and/or the user to ensure the download of any desired content.

The company can terminate agreements with K at any time. To ensure agreement on a date for this, terminations must be made in writing to K (E-mail)