Everything in the same place
One of the most common reasons for failed waterproofing (both Underkill AND Overkill) is silo thinking and lack of overview.

The Waterproofing Manual service is about the structural waterproofing project having its own dedicated web-page, where we collect and keep everything relevant to the waterproofing - from drawings and specs, via working manuals, to final QC reports.

The purpose is to have a "one-click" access for everybody involved, no matter if you sit in the office or stand on the job-site - thus eliminating expensive process gaps.
How you benefit
  • Constantly having the broad picture
  • Everybody following the same path
  • Clear objectives
  • 3D models
  • Instruction videos close at hand
  • Uniform perceptions of the project
  • Later if necessary you have the entire project kept in ONE video report

Good waterproofing starts early

An optimized structural waterproofing solution begins long before you pick a product...