The main reason for all structural leaks

The main reason for failed waterproofing is a lack of skills and qualifications.
Almost nowhere on the planet does construction business people receive independent training during their education on how to deal with structural waterproofing. 
By "independent" we mean, education that isn't either related to, or sponsored by,  waterproofing PRODUCTS.
And let's be honest about it - that type of training is marketing in disguise.

We want to change this by offering training 100% based on the model WPQC© in which we deal with the products in a more critical fashion.

How you benefit
  • You become qualified to take charge of the waterproofing process
  • You become able to ask critical questions
  • You will be better at avoiding expensive OVERKILL
  • You will be better at discovering risky UNDERKILL
  • You will improve your management skills
  • You reduce the stress level
  • You become less prone to unwanted responsibility

Good waterproofing starts early

An optimized structural waterproofing solution begins long before you pick a product...